Uppdatering 2022-01-19: Från och med 12 januari krävs uppvisande av vaccinationsbevis för myndiga vid evenemang med 50 personer eller fler.

och så lite italiensk krydda till truppen

Alessandra Roventini flyttar till Sverige och valde till vår stora glädje att bo och spela i Sollentuna, årets trupp blir mer och mer komplett och nu alltså med en italiensk touch.


Så här skriver Alessandra:
Nice to meet you. I’m so happy to join your team.
I’m 24 and I come from Italy, in particular from Pisa, in Tuscany, where I played volleyball since 10 years. Volley is my huge passion and I want to continue playing also in Sweden. My roule is setter and I love it. My last season (2015-2016) I played with a team called Dream Volley Group in Pisa, and it was a great experience that bring me in a national level. The year before (2014-2015) I played with another team called “Oasy Volley ” in Viareggio, near Pisa.

I am so looking forward to playing with you. I will try to do my best!

Coach Vladan kommenterar:

Really excited to have Alessandra in the team. When we heard she was moving to Sweden and the opportunity to get her to Sollentuna came up we did not hesitate!
Since this season we have slightly younger team, Alessandra’s volleyball experience will be of use. It’s easy to see her qualities straight away, and I wish her a warm welcome to Sweden and to our team!

Benvenuto in Svezia